Summer Camp

Found objects 6 x 6″ shadow box assemblage.

This piece includes a medal I won at Camp Fernwood in Maine, which I attended on a scholarship the summer I was 14. I learned archery there, and once shot six arrows in a row into the bullseye. The key was to fully relax, breathe deep, exhale, and hold steady. May your focus be sharp, your target clear, and your aim true, in whatever you do.

PS the frog reminds me of Camp Maria Pratt, a girl scout camp in Connecticut. I went there for two weeks each of many summers before that. We lived in tents in a damp, piney forest. It was common to find bright orange salamanders and toads along the paths. (By the way — the pins in this piece support the little pink frog, they do not pierce it, though I can see it looks like it in the photo.)