Black Forest Pumpernickel

“I think this is the best bread I’ve ever tasted in my life” a friend said of this deeply flavorful naturally fermented dark bread. It’s my own recipe, and pretty darned good if I do say so myself. All organic ingredients include rye and wheat flours, blackstrap molasses, caraway seeds, and cacao.


Every once in a while I need to go outside and lie down, put my back against the earth, and look up. See and appreciate then look beyond the cozy netting of thoughts and chores and ideas and inspirations that occupy my days. See and appreciate then look beyond the canopy of living things that frame and support and feed and beautify my existence. Look up into the big wide everything. I’m a part of that. And so are you.


Celebration! This is the energy I want when I wake up in the morning, when I get a creative idea, when I get a glimmer that something is possible, that the world is infinite nuance, complexity, possibility, wonder, energy. Like a seed sprouting and stretching toward the sun. All my life long I want to be growing.

City Life

busy, rhythmic, structured grunge
5.5 x 8.5″ found paper collage

Made from pages of photocopied newspaper, day planner, catalog, junk mail, and car park ticket. And a To Do list that was incomplete at the time, but complete now. (Check out the books category in this shop to see the “little cookbook”)


If I had to choose between city and country, I would choose country, but it wouldn’t be an easy choice. There is something magical about a city —— the diversity, the energy, the vibrance, the sheer human ingenuity working together to create such a place with all its many linked enterprises. When approaching a city, I’m struck by the capacity of human cooperation to make such a place, the roads and sidewalks and buildings and parks and machines and art and commerce and and and… much of that cooperation, however, is based on a system that puts some in charge and in control, and others striving simply to get enough to survive, often laboring by the hour to enable the profit of another. What if we had real, free-will cooperation for all? A world where no one had to do work that didn’t connect to their own hearts and visions, in order to put food on the table. Maybe the metropolis machine would be smaller. Maybe our leisure would be greater. Maybe our air would be cleaner. But we are still humans and our fundamental urge to create would remain. With real free-will cooperation, what magic would we build?

Pizza dough

Pizza dough is wonderful stuff. Homemade, organic whole wheat sourdough pizza dough is amazing. It freezes well, thaws quickly (on the counter in a couple hours, or in the fridge overnight) and cooks up quick, crisp and chewy and delicious in a really hot oven or even on the grill. Plus it’s fun to make your own pizza, and easy!! Each ball of dough is enough for one large thin crust pizza or two single-serving pies. More instructions and recommendations provided with the dough. Sold fresh or fresh-frozen.

Orders placed by Sunday morning, 9 am will be ready for pickup by noon on the following Friday.



Pumpkin Seed & Marjoram Whole Grain

Experiment of the day: two kinds of organic whole wheat flour make this sourdough bread, plus pumpkin seeds and a little bit of freshly picked marjoram from my garden, creating a subtle, nutty, slightly sour, complex flavor. This might be my new favorite. Next time, more marjoram.

Rustic Whole Wheat

This bread is a less-sour natural ferment using local, organic, coarsely ground flour, as well as organic whole wheat bread flour and organic artisan flour. Just came out of the oven on Thursday evening, June 20th.

Sesame Whole Wheat

This is a hearty, chewy, not-too-sour sourdough bread that is at once hole-y and tender as well as sturdy. It keeps tremendously well, remaining moist and flavorful for weeks. Made with organic flour.

Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

This is a hearty, chewy, whole wheat not-too-sour bread that is at once hole-y and tender as well as sturdy. It keeps tremendously well, remaining moist and flavorful for weeks. The slow natural fermentation process used to make this bread develops flavor and breaks down gluten before it’s baked, making it easy on digestion and high in available nutrition. Ingredients are simple: organic whole wheat and organic artisan bread flour, kosher salt, and water.

Whole grain sourdough rye

This bread is hearty — 100% whole grain organic rye with caraway seeds, a staple at our house. It keeps really well—the flavor improves for days, and as it cures, it firms up a bit, becoming easier to make very thin slices, which is my favorite way to eat it (toasted of course).