Power to the People

Contemplating wishful thinking about climate change, finite resources, and how citizens reclaim control. Check out Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee and Spike Lee’s movie, Chiraq.

One thought on “Power to the People

  1. For full disclosure, I work in oil & gas. Specifically I work developing LNG liquefaction terminals. I have no interest in getting out of oil & gas, I love the industry, and believe in what I do. However, I think it’s important in life to not live in an echo chamber and to listen to people who hold different points of view; hence I listen to your podcast.

    First, I would say that you shouldn’t sound so depressed all the time, if you believe in your cause, you should be energetic about it.

    Second, in regards to the pipeline near your house, if it’s going to an LNG terminal, that terminal would have had to file with both the FERC and the DOE. The only LNG faculties I’m aware of in the Northeast are Downeast LNG and Golboro LNG and I don’t believe the pipelines for those are being built. Also, if you truly can smell gas, it’s probably not coming from the main pipeline as that’s monitored by the pipeline company and they would be aware of a loss of pressure in the line. The smell may be coming from a branch line in your neighborhood and I would enrage you to call your local gas company to address the issue immediately.

    Third, the natural gas that your smelling, while combustible, is not toxic. Its composed of propane, methane, and a little pentane; and is the same gas you burn inside your house.

    Fourth, while I certainly have nothing against renewables; I would comment on the fact that oil and gas has utility far beyond power generation. Petrochemicals are used in the production of nearly everything in our lives, including the electrical components you use to produce your podcast. It’s actually more profitable than gasoline itself at the moment. Is there a renewables or sustainable development answer for the replacement of rubber, plastics, nylon, aspirin, paint, lubricants, etc? I truly don’t mean that question to be some sort of rhetorical snide comment. It’s an honest question.

    While I don’t agree with most of your beliefs or views, I do appreciate the different viewpoint. Good luck to you and your path for what you believe in.

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