Zen and the Art of Changing the World

Talking with Randy McMahon about what makes for effective activism, Transition Towns, and the benefits of meditation in the face of global crisis.

2 thoughts on “Zen and the Art of Changing the World

  1. Amy – Just connected with your podcast. Listened to Zen and the Art of Changing the World! It was excellent. Kept me moving forward while working in my house. in other words, lots of motivation. Well done.

    As you discussed, I am a reluctant “joiner” to organized stuff, but in my own quiet way, found that your conversation on the pod-cast resonated with me. Thank you for doing this and I shall be listening to your pod-casts more often for learning about connections with more like minded people in the area.

    Thanks again Amy! 100 Podcasts may not be enough!


    • Thanks Margaret! It is so nice to get your message, which encourages me to keep going with this project!

      Perhaps you would consider being a guest some time? You needn’t have any particular expertise. My aim is really just to share the experience of grappling with the issues. I would enjoy having a conversation with you.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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