Beach Idyl


Everything about this one makes no sense except the feeling I have about it. Is that a lounging nude on the beach? Amid great big monster green peas? With beautiful abundant rolls of flesh? Who knows. But I feel the breeze and I hear the whispering waves and feel the cleansed mind and the sense of mystery and abundance and freedom of imagination I felt when I made it. Just right for this 2020 Christmas Eve at home as I write these words, with warm air blustering outside and buckets of water at hand in case the huge storm on the way takes out our electricity. My belly is full of steamed Swiss chard and Christmas cookies, and my Thursday night Zoom hang out with local artists is going full stride in the background. It feels completely crazy and just right. I hope some kindred spirit wants this piece, I’ll be so pleased to give it to you.

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watercolor and ink, 12 x 9” (plus mat and frame). Yours for the asking (and the price of shipping if you can’t pick it up.) More thoughts on this piece below.