Thoughts I had when posting this gift on Instagram: was enamored with color and texture and light when I made this, the illusion of space. I wasn’t thinking about meaning. But from the beginning this little piece has always seemed to have something important to say. It poses questions to me every time I look at it; What are your pillars of strength? Your guideposts? What are your priorities? I don’t necessarily feel like I need to answer these questions concretely, but I appreciate the opportunity to refocus my mind, to realize that I have a choice. I can live by my own golden rules, aim to be as strong and hopeful as these midnight monuments seem to be. I don’t need anyone’s approval to trust my own thinking, choose my own path, explore my own mystery, and ally with others who are doing the same.

Sustainable Fashion — digital

Scrap Paper Stylings for Strong Women and a Healthy Planet

With a little imagination, playfulness, scissors, glue, and the contents of your would-be recycling bin, it’s possible to be an environmentalist, bad-assed feminist, and gorgeous fashionista all at the same time. (High heels optional.)

253 images on 148 pages, plus captions, short essays, and the occasional poem.

Half of proceeds will go to benefit organizations fighting for sustainability and garment workers rights.