6.5 x 4.5” scrap paper collage (includes colored paper samples and a wallpaper sample). Free shipping in the U.S.

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Thoughts I had when posting this gift on Instagram: was enamored with color and texture and light when I made this, the illusion of space. I wasn’t thinking about meaning. But from the beginning this little piece has always seemed to have something important to say. It poses questions to me every time I look at it; What are your pillars of strength? Your guideposts? What are your priorities? I don’t necessarily feel like I need to answer these questions concretely, but I appreciate the opportunity to refocus my mind, to realize that I have a choice. I can live by my own golden rules, aim to be as strong and hopeful as these midnight monuments seem to be. I don’t need anyone’s approval to trust my own thinking, choose my own path, explore my own mystery, and ally with others who are doing the same.