5.5 x 8-inch mixed media collage made from paper scraps and ink — handmade paper, retail labels, greeting card. See below for thoughts I had in making this.

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If I had to choose between city and country, I would choose country, but it wouldn’t be an easy choice. There is something magical about a city —— the diversity, the energy, the vibrance, the sheer human ingenuity working together to create such a place with all its many linked enterprises. When approaching a city, I’m struck by the capacity of human cooperation to make such a place, the roads and sidewalks and buildings and parks and machines and art and commerce and and and… much of that cooperation, however, is based on a system that puts some in charge and in control, and others striving simply to get enough to survive, often laboring by the hour to enable the profit of another. What if we had real, free-will cooperation for all? A world where no one had to do work that didn’t connect to their own hearts and visions, in order to put food on the table. Maybe the metropolis machine would be smaller. Maybe our leisure would be greater. Maybe our air would be cleaner. But we are still humans and our fundamental urge to create would remain. With real free-will cooperation, what magic would we build?